Cyclical Eating is a Feast or Famine Style of Eating

Cyclical Eating is a Feast or Famine Style of Eating

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You could call Cyclical Eating a style of eating that closely mimics the way our ancestors probably lived, and the way our body is programmed. Food had to be hunted and gathered. There were times where food was not readily available. Then the body’s digestive organs could take a needed rest.

In our age of affluence, where food is ubiquitous, we never seem to give our body a break. It is constantly being whipped into action with food and various kinds of stimulating drinks. We burn the candle on both ends and as a result, we shorten our life considerably. Continuous eating stresses our body by constantly revving up our metabolic and digestive engine. Even a snake will refrain from eating for several weeks after gulping and swallowing a mouse. Animals give their digestive system a break. Humans are usually not so smart.

When we do get sick, Mother Nature often forces us to take a break from the eating. When we come down with a fever, appetite loss usually ensures. The body’s vital force then has the chance to clean house instead of squandering its energy on digestive work. It uses up its vital energy to soften up hardened mucous, which is then either coughed up or eliminated through the mucous membranes.

Cyclical eating gives us the freedom to eat more food on alternative days. By doing so we stimulate the production of hormones as well as metabolism during the eating phase, when we take in more calories. On these days it is good to get in at least two hours of physical activity, like a lengthy bike ride, a vigorous work out at the gym, or a long jog. This will power you up with energy. By giving our body a thorough workout, we are not stressing my body with excess calories.

Without the extra activity to balance off increased calorie intake, there is a danger that extra glucose blood sugar would begin to stick to structural proteins in the body, a condition leading to the formation of advanced glycation end-products, also known as AGE’s.

AGE’s can lead to all kinds of mischief, and is the main reason why most people over fifty require reading glasses to read the newspaper. Without AGE’s there would be no need for cosmetic surgery and bypass operations. Eliminating AGE’s makes good anti-aging sense. It is the reason why we need to achieve a tight control over our blood glucose and insulin.

By the age of fifty we have already gulped down over forty tons of food, including fifteen cows, twenty-four hogs, 900 chickens, twelve sheep and a ton of fish. That is a lot of digestive work. Give your body a break, and skip a few meals. That is what cyclical eating is all about. Just take a break from eating. Your body will love you for it. Drink pure water, ayurvedic vata tea, practice some yoga and deep breathing, use the time to meditate, pray and spiritually reconnect, drink your green smoothie in the morning and one main meal at night. Your digestive organs will thank you for it.

This plan allows us to eat in a normal way every second day, and will give our body a well-deserved rest in between these eating days. As a result, we will reap the many benefits arising from the calorie-reduced CRON lifestyle without feeling psychologically deprived of food. Taking the organic microminerals will help support the process.

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