Jesus and John the Baptist were Prominent Essenes

Jesus and John the Baptist were Prominent Essenes

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The Essenes were a group of Jewish ascetics who lived on the western bank of the Dead Sea over 2000 years ago. Their main goal was spiritual development. Because they couldn’t identify with mainstream society they dropped out to live in the wilderness. They didn’t want anything to do with money, commerce or status. Their motives were similar to the yogis in India who set off for the Himalayas to seek enlightenment.

The Essenes placed great emphasis on internal cleansing, enemas, oil treatments, and fasting, similar to the type of treatments espoused by Ayurveda. They performed ritual baths, exercises, sunbathing and ate a predominantly raw and wild food diet. Their goal was to raise the body’s physical vibration to a level conducive to spiritual unfoldment and growth. Their motto was that a healthy spirit could only reside in a healthy body. The Essenes believed that high energy, freshly picked plant foods, including wild foods, would help raise the body’s internal frequency to a level which made it easier to commune with God.

Their bread, made from sprouted grain, was baked on rocks heated by the sun. Because the temperature did not get over 40 C (110 F), the fragile enzymes remained intact. The Essenes chewed on wild leaves including tree leaves in order to infuse their body with high energy bio-photons. They always stressed the importance of picking a plant and eating it immediately, in order to prevent energy loss.

The Essenes were vegetarians and frowned on the use of meat. For them, animal sacrifices were barbaric. Their views ran counter to the mainstream Jewish culture. John the Baptist and Jesus were closely affiliated with the Essenes and shared their revolutionary ideas and zeal.
John the Baptist was the most famous raw fooder in the Bible. He lived on wild honey, carob pods of the locust tree, and wild leaves. He was also getting a dose of fermented bee pollen by scraping the wild honey out of the comb. This fermented, probiotic bee pollen was providing his body with a full array of nutrients including complete protein! On this diet he had everything needed. By chewing on wild leaves, he was also ingesting vitamin B-12 containing bacteria and other micro-organisms!

John the Baptist believed in eating to live, instead of living to eat! He definitely was not into high on the hog, gourmet eating. His diet, as limited as it was, gave him tremendous energy! He was famous for being out-spoken and ruffled so many feathers in his life that King Herod finally had his head served up on a platter.

John the Baptist was totally connected to the primordial energy of Nature. Like the rest of the Essenes, he didn’t require any creature comforts. He was totally happy taking his ritual baths, an Essene practice that later turned into baptism. He had an outdoors lifestyle with lots of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air! He eschewed mainstream Jewish culture as being out of tune with Nature and God’s purpose for man. He was living proof that man can only commune with the Divine by following a natural lifestyle. This is the prerequisite for making our spiritual software program work.

John the Baptist was taking in loads of high energy nutrients, which allowed his nervous system to work at a high level of functioning. He was getting the most spiritual bang for the buck! If he had been eating lots of cooked food and baked bread, he would have never reached his lofty spiritual state.

John the Baptist used both calorie restriction and bio-photon energy nutrition in order to access the divine cosmic energy needed to support his spiritual evolution. He was following the classic, calorie-reduced, CRON Diet! The Essenes knew that their spiritual practices would be enhanced by a highly tuned diet. Living off of cooked meat obtained from animal sacrifices would have cut him off from this enhanced spiritual awareness. It would have closed down his high level of awareness and placed him on the same level as other religious people of the time, who’s favorite pastime was arguing about dogma and religious laws.

We see a similar situation in almost all religions today. People have closed down their energy channels (nadis) through a combination of toxins, stress and poor diet choices, making it all but impossible to access their inner being. Spirituality that can’t be experienced is then relegated to the realm of belief and dogma. It is then reduced to the level of an intellectual exercise and belief system.

An inner experience of the divine can only be made by opening up our nadi energy channels. This explains why all the great prophets in the Bible, whether it be Moses, or Elijah, or John the Baptist, were great dieters and went on periodic fasts for internal cleansing purposes. They knew that gluttony and eating the wrong foods would choke off access to their divine inner nature.

Obviously something went haywire with the way people nourish their bodies. But just eating raw food is not going to fix the problem. Man has degenerated to such an extent that eating a 100% raw food diet is not practical for most people. A 75 – 80 % raw food diet is more realistic. After all, most of us have degenerated to such an extent that it would be difficult to get by with a 100% raw food diet.

This is where a lot of people get confused. They read about the raw food diet, and give it a try. They lose weight and detox, but eventually run into cravings because they are missing out on important nutrients. Eventually they are forced to go back to their old way of eating, or fight off wild yo-yo gyrations in their eating habits. It is an open secret that most raw foodists periodically go through phases of eating bread, cheese, noodles, meat, sweets and chocolate. The cravings they experience can become overwhelming! This is because they usually tend to rely on too many sweet hybrid fruits, not enough greens, and lack gelatine in the diet in order to absorb nutrients. This type of problem can be addressed by taking a couple of tablespoons of the Phyto-Micromineral Primal-Essence.

The problem that most raw fooders face is that commercial veggies are simply not a good source of bio-photons and organic minerals. Kohlrabi, carrots, lettuce and hybrid fruit are not going to fill you up. You can eat a ton of it and you will still be starving for something substantial. Eventually you will probably cave in and eat something more filling, like a hamburger. We need the wild plants to make the raw food diet work for us, they will help eliminate cravings.

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