Vegans Will Profit from Small Amounts of Animal Protein

Vegans Will Profit from Small Amounts of Animal Protein

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Our digestive tract is not designed to eat a meat-centered diet. Our molars are designed for grinding seeds. We don’t have the sharp teeth of a carnivore. And we don’t produce nearly the amount of hydrochloric acid that a carnivorous animal like a dog or a lion produces. Grind up a fast food meal of a cheeseburger and French fries and let it stand at room temperature for twenty-four hours, and it begins to ferment. This is basically what happens in our digestive tract when we can’t break down animal protein.

However, when looking at animal protein, we have to be pragmatic. Most of our bodies have become so degenerated that living only on vegan/vegetarian fare will not suffice. As a result, we probably will need small amounts of animal protein. Even animals such as cows eat worms and insects when they are grazing in the pasture. Take the cows off the grass and feed them soy and corn and they get sick. Then you have to feed them hormones, antibiotics and medications to keep them alive.

Monkeys eat small rodents and ants, even though they are predominantly vegan. There are very few animals indeed which can live solely on plant protein. Humans can benefit from a small amount of sashimi fish, some gelatine „jello“ dessert, raw egg yolk, and kefir. This can make all the difference. We stress small amount here because obviously you can overdo animal protein and acidify your body’s tissues as a result.

Concerning the issue of animal protein, it is important to fulfill your body’s needs instead of becoming dogmatic. Veganism is a beautiful philosophy, but it needs to work. We know of several vegans who paid a high price for their extreme lifestyle by ruining their health due to nutritional deficiencies. Vitamine B12, Vitamin A, taurine, carnitine, B-2 and zinc are some of the nutrients coming up short in the vegan diet. Vitamin A should not be confused with beta-carotene, which is found in plants. Only about 2 – 3 % of the beta-carotene eaten can be converted into Vitamin A, the metabolically active form of the vitamin. If you have a liver disorder, it is possible that this conversion doesn’t work.

A cost efficient and animal friendly way of getting in some animal proteine is through Dr. Switzers Morning Glory – mountain ant-wildplant smoothie.

In addition to a balanced diet we recommend using the MicroSynergy Plus and Phyto-Microminerals Primal-Essence.

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