Morning Glory - Mountain Ant - Wildplant Smoothie

Morning Glory – Mountain Ant – Wildplant Smoothie

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It is possible that nothing else even comes close to this nutrient-dense, wildplant, superfood smoothie. It is based on the leaves of an edible, flowering, wild plant and even includes ants, a prized Chinese tonic superfood – medicine.

For literally the price of a banana, the only fruit you need to buy for this superfood smoothie, you can give your body every nutrient it craves, including vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, the entire B-complex, zinc, enzymes and even amino acids such as taurine and carnitine, largely missing in the vegan and vegetarian diet. Most rawfooders are also deficient in these nutrients.

Instead of buying expensive „ormus – rich“ green powders and mountain ant extract from David Wolfe you can simply mix this smoothie which is far superior due to its high biophoton content. By foraging in nature we obtain all the nutrients that our body craves.

Recently, while vacationing on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Dr. John Switzer was having difficulty finding any wild plants to eat because everything was so dry. Fortunately, he did find some beautiful flowering morning glory vines. In Germany, this plant is called „Prunkwinde.“ It is an overlooked plant but hightly edible, with a high starch content.

He harvested the leaves and a few flowers and came up with this powerful wild plant-smoothie. Because the morning glory leaves are starchy, when you mix them with a banana and water, they create a beautiful, pudding-like consistency that really sticks to your ribs and provides energy for the entire day.

At that moment there was an invasion of ants on the island. John has always been fascinated how Chinese medicine finds uses for such unusual ingredients as ants, deer antlers, frog eggs, insects and other exotic items. One of their most powerful medicines is made from ants! In fact, they consider it to be an „herb“ and even call it „king of the herbs“. It is considered to be more powerful than astralgus, reishi, cordyceps, ginseng, chagra and other powerful herbal remedies.

The following recipe is a combination of live ants with the leaves of the morning glory, considered by most americans to be just a „weed.“ We think it is a beautiful wild, flowering plant. If we find it growing in our vicinity, maybe Nature is trying to tell us something?  Why not try to control its prolific growth by eating it?

Was the proliferic growth of the morning glories and the ants a subtle hint from Nature? John took the cue and baited the ants with a ripe fig I placed in his vitamix. After he had trapped at least 100 ants, he added a planta banana, the species of fruit that Africans and Asians use to cook with, along with two handfuls of morning glory leaves, some bee pollen, two tablespoons of organic micromineral primal essence and some spices. The resulting blended smoothie turned out to be deliciousl and provided him with a lot of energy.

This smoothie also contains natural vtamin B-12 and D, as well as powerful, cancer-preventing enzymes such as gluthation and superoxide dismutase.

Einstein said that we need to „think outside of the box“ in order to find answers to our most pressing problems.  We definitely have enough unsolved health challenges today, from AIDS to Alzheimers. Modern medicine’s conventional way of thinking has obviously failed to provide any major breakthroughs, so we need to become unconventional if we want to increase our odds of survival.

By mixing up a wild smoothie on a daily basis, we can give our body the primal nutrients it needs, without having to spend money on green powders and other so-called „superfoods.“ We can turn to Nature to receive the knowledge and inspiration and nouurishment we need to meet our own, personal health challenges and needs.

Mix the following:

  • 50 or more baited ants (this superfood ingredient can be skipped if you feel uncomfortable with it);
  • 2 cups of wild leaves from morning glory, nettles, dandelions, plantain, lambs quarters;
  • 2 cups of water;
  • 1 banana, preferably the „planta“ variety (can be obtained from Asian or Mexican foodstores);
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon;
  • 1 tablespoon bee pollen;
  • 2 tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence, a proprietary blend of angstrom-size, organic trace minerals which strengthen the metabolism.

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Add some chopped fruit such as apple, nectarine, peach and enjoy! Watch how your energy level will begin to skyrocket! mountain ant.250

Many struggling vegans and vegetarians shy away from meat, largely for ethical reasons. Dr. Switzer states that most people benefit from small amounts of animal protein in their diet. It seems to brace them up, he sais. In fact, if you look at the animal world, even the herbivores like cows and horses still manage to eat insects, worms and ants while grazing, so technically, these animals are not 100% raw vegan. Monkeys eat insects and occasionally a small animal. This could be why most vegans would profit from a small amount of animal protein from insects. It would supply us with nutrients like B-12, taurine, carnosine, zinc and others that we cannot obtain from a purely plant-based diet.

And mixing up a few ants in a mixer is no big deal. No blood is spilled and you won’t even see the little critters. You can just pretend they are not there. It’s not like you are eating a hamburger or a steak. The ants don’t have a nervous or circulatory system and when you turn on your mixer, they won’t know what hit them.

By eating a few ants, your body is receiving one of the most revered superfood remedies of Chinese medicine, for free! You are getting even more nutrients than can be found in steak: ants contain 40% protein, loads of zinc, formic acid, which is a remedy for arthritis, and, because we don’t cook the ants, their enzymes are still intact. One gram of ants provide 30 mg of zinc, which is twice the recommended daily amount, more than in oysters. Enzymes like gluthation and dismutase can protect us from cancer and Alzheimers. In Chinese medicine ants are used to rev up dormant hormones, especially during menopause, for both males and females. Ants are the Nr. 1 chinese aphrodisiac. Why take Viagra® if you can eat ants?

Mountain ant in China is regarded as a powerful elixir so highly valued that only the rich can afford it. It used to be the remedy of the emperors and kings. Ants were famous for their antiaging qualities. Now that David Wolfe is marketing it, it is starting to gain popularity in the United States. But a little dropper bottle costs $65 on the internet, which would probably last only about three days. Way too pricey and the reason why it is mainly consumed by rich chinese. But hey, anyone can trap their own ants. By mixing them together with the other ingredients, you get a powerful elixir for the price of a banana, which costs about 10 cents.

By including the ants in this wild plant smoothie, your body will enjoy the powerful catalyst effect of enzymatic animal protein without having to kill a mammal or a fish. We believe that mankind, in order to conserve resources in the future, will eventually turn to insects such as ants as a valuable source of health-bestowing nutrients.

In China, ants are revered as an effective anti-aging medicine able to relieve symptoms associated with hormone dysfunction, back pain, memory loss, arthritis, fatigue, weakness, climacteric symptoms, circulatory disease and anemia.  Ants strengthen the urological system, including the sexual function, adrenal glands and bone structures. The nervous system, digestion, internal detoxification and muscular/connective tissues get strengthened. This is why ant products are so popular throughout Asia today.

Probably because Asians are willing to eat „outside the box“, their rate of cancer and Alzheimer dementia is much less than in western countries. We can follow their lead by picking a few freshly picked, wild plant leaves, some fruit, and, maybe even a few ants.  You get an anti-aging elixir that will blow away anything available on the internet today for the price of a banana. Not a bad deal at all.

clover.300The wild plants, freshly picked and mixed, provide important phytonutrients and biophotons, the energy molecules that are provided by the sun. Biophotons are powerful antioxidants largely missing in our food today. By powering up our body with massive quantities of biophotons, which only freshly-picked wild plants can deliver us, we can vastly minimize the risk of degenerative disease. We could easily live to be 100 or older without having to worry about being ravaged by cancer, Alzheimer dementia, diabetes, circulatory and neurological diseases. If you can’t handle the ants, just skip them and concentrate on the freshly-picked, wild plant leaves mixed together with the fruit. They alone are a bonanza of powerful, health-bestowing nutrients.

Veggies bought at the supermarket usually are poor sources of biophotons and enzymes for the simple reason that they are rarely freshly-picked, local produce. Even organic produce today is raised using fertilizer, hybrid seeds and hyponics, which is why wild plants contain anywhere from 5 – 50 times as many nutrients. As a result, our health suffers, even if it looks like we are doing everything right.

Since most people today experience major deficiencies of organic minerals, we recommend adding one to two tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence to the recipe. By adding these organic minerals, you will be greatly reducing cravings for things like sweets, salt, chocolate, meat, bread, carbs, noodles and fastfood. Your energy level will also dramatically improve and you will also require less sleep. Why? Because when your metabolism is fully mineralized, it won’t produce cravings. In fact, one of the most effective ways of losing weight is to add two tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence with your wild plant smoothie and you can skip the pizza, pasta, pastry, donuts, hamburgers, milkshakes, french fries, chicken nuggets or any of the other extremely fattening morsels that the fast food industry dishes up.

Without the cravings you will gain mastery over your food!  Your physiology will start to become younger. Dr. Switzer states to have a painfree, healthy body and to be able to keep up with young mountain bikers half his age. You, too, can turn back the aging clock and experience a renaissance in health. Our best strategies for anti-aging are as follows:

Need help identifying wild, edible plants? How about taking a wild plant field trip with an expert like Earl Switzer. During the workshop he will demonstrate how yo make a delicious smoothie from wild plants, however there would’nt be any ants in this one! Earl sais drinking this smoothie every day cured him from symptoms including blindness in one eye, brain fog, sciatica, polyarthritis, angina pectoris, allergies, loss of mental focus and balance, fatigue, skin problems, sciatica and severe muscle loss. Today, thanks to the wild plants, he is in great shape and eager to pass this priceless knowledge on to anyone interested.

A wild plant „Kräuterwanderung“ field trip is also offered in Feldafing, a sumptious, wild food buffet is offered at every seminar.

The knowledge of edible wild plants and their culinary use in gourmet dishes and fruit smoothies can put you on the road to optimal health. More information about this can be found in the book Dr. Switzers Wid Plant Proimal Diet.

The book can be ordered by contacting Earl Switzer,email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! Earl will also be happy to provide any information on his next edible wild plant field trip in the Portland area. To order the book in German; Bezugsquellen.

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