Experiencing Bliss by Calorie Restriction and Bio-Photons

Experiencing Bliss by Calorie Restriction and Bio-Photons

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Everyone is looking for bliss and happiness. The good news is that you don’t have to work hard for it. You can take the shortcut to experiencing inner bliss and joy and save yourself a lot of trouble and heartache in the process. How? By practicing calorie restriction (cyclical eating) combined with massive infusions of bio-photon energy (wild green smoothies). If you are already on a spiritual path, practice yoga or meditation, it will be a godsend.

When we reduce our calorie intake, neuro-hormones, growth hormone, serotonin and endorphins show an increase in their production. These hormones are released either by restricting calories or engaging in strenuous exercise like long distance running. They will provide you with that sublime feeling of bliss and contentment. You will experience more joy. You won’t want to lose that wonderful feeling by eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a bag of potato chips, or a hot dog. Scaling down your food intake will sharpen your mind and give you that wonderful feeling of bliss that sages and poets throughout the ages have acclaimed. It is a small price to pay for experiencing the ultimate in the form of sat chit ananda bliss.

The yogis spoke of experiencing inner bliss, Jesus talked about the Kingdom within. Ayurveda mentions a state of self-referral, where the awareness is riveted back on to itself and the experience of joy can bubble up from within. They were both referring to a physiological state of the body and mind which allows one to experience transcendental bliss consciousness. It had nothing to do with belief, dogma or wishful thinking.

Advanced yogis and sages have always claimed that the nature of life is never-ending bliss. To get to that sacred place, they did everything they could to increase the flow of Prana energy: fasting, yoga assanas, meditation, breathing exercises, and even sunbathing. Their diet was simple: raw foods, wild plants and fruits. Their practices and diet brought them into perfect accord with the laws of Nature.
What did the yogis in the Himalayas lived on when they retreated into the forest and lived in complete isolation in caves and primitive dwellings. Who took care of their needs?

Eedible wild plants, roots, fruits and flowers are growing everywhere in the enviroment, theoretically we could sustain ourself entirely on these foods without ever needing to visit a supermarket. Perhaps the yogi’s were living off of wild food?

David Frowley, one of the foremost ayurvedic experts in the United States, confirmed what we had suspected, that the yogi’s in fact were living off of wild, predominantly raw foods in order to deepen their experiences during meditation. Their raw food diet was completely opposite to the typical ayurvedic cooked food diet! Eating wild plants allowed them to restrict their caloric intake, thus helping increase the output of neurohormones and serotonin. Many of these yogis were said to be ageless!

It would be pretty hard to live like a yogi in today’s society, but we can, on alternating days, cycle back on our caloric intake, drink a green smoothie with organic microminerals, and support our body’s efforts to clean and heal itself.

Our body will profit as well as our mind and emotional state.

To experience inner joy and transcend our normal everyday level of superficial thinking, we must consider calorie restriction. It is the only way to go. Many aspiring yogis have failed in their practice because they couldn’t stay away from pizza, pasta, bread and sweets. They prided themselves in being a vegetarian, but their carb addiction was overpowering. Many of them even died an early death from cancer. Many make sure to avoid meat but pile on the carbs to replace it.

The good news: taking two to four tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence, mixed together with the green smoothie, will, in about 95% of all cases, reduce the cravings for carbs and sugar. We always recommend mixing up the microminerals with the green smoothie.
It is no coincidence that the Bible lists gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins, even before lust. Undisciplined high on the hog eating will always lead us away from our inner self into the realm of chaotic thoughts, fears, emotional disturbance and disease.

Think of it this way. Connecting with your partner and/or family in a warm, loving way will bring you much more happiness than eating a sandwich or bar of chocolate. Sunbathing and fresh air will give you more energy than ice cream. Dr. Switzer sais feelings of love for his family have grown exponentially since he began Cyclical Eating. If by chance he should overeat, sublime feelings of love may disappear as the vibrations begin to change. He is less able to exprress appreciation for others or see opportunities at hand. It is more difficult to remain positive and up-beat. When the mind is stuck on such a gross level it is difficult for love to flow.

When you get the hang of Cyclical Eating, you will actually look forward to the restricted calorie days, when that fantastic light and happy-go-luckey feeling starts to overtake you by midday. You might not even want to eat and spoil that sublime feeling!

„On my light eating days, I am able to get a tremendous amount of work done because my thinking processes begin to speed up. Decisions are easier to make and feelings more intense. Intuition becomes sharpened.“ Dr. Switzer

Many people push painful emotions into dark recesses of their body by medicating themselves with food. An uncomfortable distressing emotion begins to negatively impact on the endorphin and serotonin production. We begin to feel depressed. In order to get the hormones functioning again, we often turn to carbs and/or chocolate as well as other stimulants. We attempt to medicate ourselves with food in order to numb these uncomfortable emotions. Temporarily, we might feel better, but the excess caloric intake tends to overload the body’s digestive system and contributes to the buildup of metabolic debris and toxins which hinder our system.

On the calorie-restricted day, we will feel emotionally stimulated in a positive way. Mood-enhancing hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and growth hormone all show a marked increase in production when calorie intake is reduced. By increasing the production of growth hormone (HGH) our body starts to become young again.

When we eat our wild green smoothie, our body receives a huge infusion of bio-photon energy that further stimulates our mind and emotions in a holistic manner. By adding endorphins, serotonin and HGH growth hormone together with the bio-photons from the green smoothie and the 70+ organic microminerals, you obtain the recipe for generating more inner bliss. Calorie reduction plus bio-photon and mineral energy have to come together to make it happen. Otherwise it will only be wishful thinking! The intake of the organic microminerals is especially important so that calorie reduction does not lead to yo-yo dieting.

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