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Ayurveda and Raw Food (English)

Fine Tuning Raw Food with Ayurveda

Dr Switzer has been using ayurvedic and homeopathic practices in his centre near Munich, Germany for over 20 years. His specialty is using the Ayurveda Panchakarma rejuvenation treatment to gently remove built-up toxins and acids that collect in the body over time.  As part of the treatment, he tries to counteract weaknesses in the metabolism and immune system using homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines. After the channels of the body and intestines have received a thorough cleansing, the patient is ready to transition to a predominantly raw food diet containing a high concentration of bio-photon light energy.

It is especially important to free up the body's channels, which are called nadis and srotas, so that prana energy can flow freely throughout the body. Prana is a synonym for the bio-photon light energy we receive from plants. Our health and longevity are largely determined by the amount of bio-photons flowing through our system. The best way to increase this vital energy is to eat freshly-picked wild plants, processed into delicious and nourishing, "bio-photon" smooties and soups.

High-energy raw foods such as wild plants need to be energetically balanced so that maximum benefit can be received from their nutrients and bio-photons. Otherwise imbalances in the physiology may arise. This is a problem many raw fooders have experienced - the high energy of live foods may make you feel unbalanced. In order to address this problem, Dr. Switzer has created many tasty and balanced raw food recipes using an assortment of wild plants, sprouts, seed milks, roots, low-glycemic fruits as well as spices and probiotics. These foods will help to fine-tune our digestion and balance an increase in prana energy, thus preventing physiological imbalances from arising. On such a diet, toxins will stop accumulating and we can look forward to a disease-free life.

The goal of Ayurveda is to attain a state of permanent bliss which has its roots in a perfectly functioning physiology. To attain this lofty state, we need to purify our body, enliven our metabolism and digestive fire, free up the body's channels and insure a high intake of bio-photon energy. By thoroughly cleansing our body we also establish the basis for spiritual growth. After all, the body is the temple of the spirit. A well-balanced, raw food diet emphasizing wild foods is the optimal way to achieve this goal. Advanced yogis in the Himalayas, who ate a predominantly raw food diet consisting of wild plants and fruits, have known and lived by these truths for centuries.

Fortunately, we don't need to retreat from the world in order to obtain the benefits of raw and living foods. We can make it happen in the privacy of our own home, using a blender and a few backyard wild plants, also called "weeds." Photographs provided in this book will help you positively identify the most common and important wild plants.

A balanced raw food diet which includes wild plants will not only improve our mental and physical health, but also lay the foundation for a fulfilling, spiritual life. By increasing our intake of bio-photon energy, we can achieve the goal of attaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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